Salon PPS

All key stakeholders in the pension fund world meet for two days to gather important information, continue their education, socialise and gain an overview of the range of services offered by the various providers.

Why it pays to take part as an exhibitor?

- Attended by more than 2400 visitors in Zurich (2018) and 1180 in Lausanne (2019)
- Quickly meet many existing and potential clients
- Hold initial meetings with potential clients and arrange follow-ups in a relaxed atmosphere
- VPS-Verlag offers training in trade fairs for stand personnel
- Proven visitor structure (pension fund experts, managing directors, members of boards of trustees)
- Ideal timing (audits over)
- 12 m2 stand from as little as CHF 7800, plus sponsorship from CHF 12’500
- Meeting point for all key stakeholders for the 2nd pillar pensions
- “Non-target audience” pays CHF 600 (one day) or CHF 900 (two days)
- Attractive Vorsorge-Symposium with opportunities for continuing education


Visitor evaluations

An evaluation of various quality criteria was conducted for the second time in 2019.
Download the evaluation here.


Previous exhibitors and sponsors

2nd Pillar trade fair took place in the SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne for the second time in 2019. A list of exhibitors and sponsors can be downloaded here.


The “Vorsorge-Symposium and 2nd Pillar trade fair 2019 preview” is a magazine containing about 70 pages and is published on 16 January 2019 in French. Our subscribers will receive a copy, including six registration cards, with the “Schweizer Personalvorsorge 01/2019” issue. The print run is 6000 copies. You can receive the print version of the preview for free from VPS-Verlag or by downloading it here.

Preview contents
Initial programme details  |  Sponsors  |  Exhibitors portraits

Special edition

In addition to 12 regular editions, “Schweizer Personalvorsorge” has three special editions every year. These include the “Vorsorge-Symposium und 2nd Pillar trade fair 2019” special edition, which is published on 3 April 2019. In addition to the detailed programme, it contains preparatory articles on the topics to be discussed at the Symposium. Only exhibitors at 2nd Pillar trade fair are able to advertise in this special edition.

Download soon the special edition here

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